Internet Of Thing – Digital Innovation

Internet of Things is definitely a booming technology, it enables devices to exchange their data within the network. Today, every sector is blessed with IoT technology and it minimizes the manual efforts.

The era in which we are living is fully dominated by mobility and connectivity. With the growing impact of digitalization, now cities become smart and there will be a lot more transformation are coming up in the IoT sectors to drive the digitalization. According to the research, in 2006 approx 2 billion objects were created with the help of IoT technology and it will touch the number of an estimated 200 billion in 2020. As we know networks are created by billions of connected smart things and the smart cities that are planned the government will use 1.6 billions of internet of things in the year 2017.

One research team also predicts that there will be smarter commercial buildings until 2017. Most of the benefits will achieve in commercial real estate industry because it created advanced service operations and mixed views of  facilities management, the smart commercial buildings to be the topmost user until 2017. After this, smart homes will take the lead in 2018 with over one billion connected things. The commercial real estate industry is one that considerably benefits from implementation. This is because it develops advanced service operations and collective view of facilities management through collecting data and insights from huge sensors. Other than real estate industry, manufacturing industries have also many benefits of IoT technology and they created many amazing appliances which are breathtaking. With the help of IoT mobile apps, a user can access this appliance with their mobile phone also.